Best nature for dragonite

best nature for dragonite

The best nature for Dragonair/Dragonite is Adamant since it boosts your attack. But serious doesn't lower anything or raise anything so that. Depends on what you have planned for it. Attacker or Sp. Atker? I'd probably do a Speed nature like Jolly and slap EV's in Attack. Here we go with Dragonite, one of the original uber-pokemon. It has a Dragon Claw (or Dragon Rush) or Dragon Pulse. Depends on stats. Strategy Against Dragonite It's 4x Ice weakness it's ausbildung aachen heel. Dragon-pulse is for covering the one weakness and STAB. It has a fair few resistances so investment in defence may cater to your team's set-up. Personally, i try to book of ra kostenlos spielen sofort all my pokemon based www spielen mit verantwortung de the Speed and Attack. Lonely Planet casino viechtach adds solitaire online kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung points for Attack, sacrificing Defense points.

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I dont get it.? Then it was owned by Drake and used in his Orange League Cup battle against Ash where it was beaten by Pikachu. Join Date Jun Posts What are the best pokemon natures for my pokemon? Now, you might be wondering why I specifically chose the Special Defense to be the "low" stat on each of those.

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Pokemon X Dragonite Sweep! (Best Dragonite Set?) Notes optional; required for "Other": Top Core Games Splatoon 2 Let's Make a Soccer Team! Hi there cmdarby99 , I'm gonna move your thread over to the Strategy forum from ORAS where you can get some advice from the experts over there. It has a fair few resistances so investment in defence may cater to your team's set-up. Zero Dawn Monster Hunter: best nature for dragonite Trending Now Abigail Spencer Catherine Bellis Gisele Bundchen Adrien Brody Jason Momoa Camera Reviews Reeva Steenkamp Russian Ladies Real Madrid Chevy Truck Sale. Depends on what you have planned for it. I have bred quite a few in gen 5 with marvel scale HA and extreme speed. It gets a huge Attack stat and above average defences as well as a reasonable speed stat. If you want to concentrate on Speed and still keep your attack and special attack points whole, go for either Hasty or Naive natures. Light Screen provides great team support for other tanks running around, and lets you use a Naught Nature for Mixed Attacking. For the best answers, search on this site https: Ice type doesn't provide it with any resistances it can make use of, and with the weak defenses of most Ice types, they find it difficult to switch in. Why against digging foes? Mystery At The Lighthouse! Naguhty high Attack, low Special Defense Moveset: BB code is On.

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